Saturday, August 2, 2008

History and Reasons for Food Blogging

so food we are... yet another food blog, no twists, no trendy trends, nothing extraordinary , but just for the fun of it, like food itself. Food is a must, food is energy, food is a hobby, food is for fun, and for "duty", food is health and life, and food is a constant in my life.
Think of this blog a as personal cookbook, that started a few years ago not on line or like a real book, started as a red notebook , that I gave to my grandmother begging her to put on paper her recipes , hand writing recipes, collected in book , like the one she used to have in the kitchen drawers, but wasted mistakenly with the garbage one day... She never write a single recipe in that notebook, then my grandpa died, an later she got ill, and never could put on paper her culinary secrets ,recipes and cooking tricks. Thank God , genetics, or good luck, I think I´ve achieved her FLAVOR, season, or way of cooking, as we say TENGO SU SAZON, after years playing, studying, wandering, learning, in her beautiful, lighted and heartfelt yellow tiled kitchen, I developed this love,interest, obssesion and enjoyment for food,or cooking whenever it means family, friends and loved ones ,what food does most of the time.
...NOW is time to write it down, so to Enjoy, life and food and the memories that come along, I started this blog, in english,triying to reach a more wider web audience,but talking about the food I know and cook, the culture were I belong , and things that might be bloggable, without any snobish ways, o pretentious hopes recipes and flavors to share. please enjoy.

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